This page features a collection of MIDI-like snippets from They Might Be Giants' John Henry. These are remakes of clips found on the freeware promo of the album.
All the tracks here are in crunchy 48kbps for your enjoyment. If you would like them in higher quality, in MIDI format, or your device can't play the audio on this page, downloads are also available.
1 Subliminal
2 Snail Shell
3 Sleeping In The Flowers
4 Unrelated Thing
5 Nyquil Driver
6 I Should Be Allowed To Think
7 Extra Savoir Faire
8 Why Must I Be Sad?
9 Spy
10 O, Do Not Forsake Me
11 No One Knows My Plan
12 Dirtbike
13 Destination Moon
14 A Self Called Nowhere
15 Meet James Ensor
16 Thermostat
17 Window
18 Out Of Jail
19 Stomp Box
20 The End Of The Tour


MP3 4.9MB
MIDI 9.2kB
Cover 1.0MB